Team Town

Our enduring collaboration with the Sporting Life group seamlessly evolved into a natural progression, positioning us as the go-to partner for the conceptualization and execution of their innovative retail brand, Team Town Sports. Faced with a substantial challenge, the Sporting Life team entrusted us with the task of designing an extensive array of cohesive store fixtures. Their specific directive involved not only a unified aesthetic but also an in-depth understanding of various individual sports to revolutionize the presentation of their products and establish industry-leading displays.

In response to this challenge, our internal team of skilled designers and engineers embarked on an exhaustive journey, dedicating their expertise to craft a comprehensive suite of over 150 distinct items. Drawing on our profound knowledge of metal fabrication and substantial experience in millwork, we meticulously brought to life three complete store executions within a timeframe of just over 8 months, inclusive of the development phase. This achievement not only underscores our commitment to excellence but also highlights our agility in delivering tailored solutions that transcend the ordinary, setting a new standard in retail fixture design and execution.

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