Benefit Cosmetics

Our collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics extends to a comprehensive full-service model that encompasses both design and engineering services, supporting their continuous Canadian tillpoint executions. Our dedicated team works closely to conceptualize and engineer innovative displays for the monthly rollout of new Benefit Cosmetics products.

At the core of our commitment is our in-house production facility where we bring these designs to life. With competitive lead times of just four weeks, we ensure the timely delivery of these dynamic displays. Our manufacturing capabilities are geared to handle volumes ranging between 500 and 5000 units per run, catering to Benefit Cosmetics’ diverse needs. A standout feature of these units lies in their sustainable design, incorporating various eco-friendly materials, notably corrugate, to align with Benefit Cosmetics’ commitment to environmental responsibility. Through this multifaceted approach, our partnership not only delivers visually striking tillpoint executions but also upholds efficiency, sustainability, and innovation at every stage.

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