gry mattr for Staples, 2019

In September of 2019 we were given a challenge: Deliver a National roll-out, from design to delivery in 30 days to 270 Staples locations.

gry mattr. It's a beautiful collection of home and office accessories that live at the intersection of work and life: intelligently designed, globally inspired - and smartly priced. gry mattr is the brainchild of Joe Mimran of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh fame.

Our client, working on behalf of Staples Canada tasked us with creating an in-store display for gry mattr's upcoming line of blue light reading glasses. The display was to be saddled over the end of an existing gondola as a feature fixture.

Our engineering department immediately went to work on how to transform the client's existing design. Their initial format was a solid wood structure that required specific materials, they were not available within our timeline. There were also design limitations that tested the overall budget.

Through quick and accurate quoting, our team was able to price below offshore comparisons. We modified materials, printed all graphics and marketing in-house and sourced materials in bulk for quick turnaround.

Photos from left to right:

1. client design 2. Rendering of our design 3. Technical drawing of our design.

We quickly prepared a sample for client approval in 48 hours. This sample included all lighting components and various versions of the printed graphics, allowing the client to have full control of the finer details.

After some minor changes and modifications, the client signed off on final approval and production could begin. Due to the tight timeline, we were sure to choose materials that were available with a 1 day turnaround from our vendors. Upon receipt of all materials, our timeline for delivery was 3 weeks.

Above Photos:

Various stages of production. Cut parts, assembly, printed signage, acrylic glasses holder insert, LED placement, steel hooks for aisle mounting, mirror panels, completed unit ready for packing.

Upon wrapping up production, our shipping and logistics department took the reigns to complete the job. With a large production quantity, the client asked us to organize a full rollout of one single unit per Staples location across Canada. Each unit was individually wrapped and packed with one box of gry mattr stock provided to us directly from the client.

Finally, the reveal!

The units begin to arrive in stores across Canada just 30 short days after the order was received. As the gry mattr brand begins to build its profile, we are excited to team up with them on future projects! Check out these incredible glasses at a Staples location near you!

You can also find the entire gry mattr collection online at:

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