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Niagara Parks

May 2019


In the fall of 2018 we were approached by a national design firm, in conjunction with our client who was looking to renew their 15 000 sq ft, high-volume gift shop.

Working together with the design firm, we interpreted their designs; engineering them to be retail ready with the appropriate modifications.

With over 150 uniquely designed fixtures and accessories our goal was to create a fully interchangeable system that used the most durable materials. This was essential for our client that often sees more then 10 000 customers per day.


Unique elements to this project include; brushed chrome kick plates on all gondola fixtures. These plates are magnetic and can be removed to adjust and lock hidden casters. The back to back gondolas shown above have grooved tops that allow for drop in signage and use brushed chrome cover plates when the signage is not in use.

With numerous sheet steel shelf and bin combinations, it was essential that the client have numerous display methods for a very wide variety of accessories. From books and keychains, to magnets and apparel every accessory was thoughtfully designed to suit the unique needs of our client.


To round out the assortment, the client requested numerous slatwall spinners, many of them custom, to streamline vendor provided fixtures and create a cohesive look.

This statement renovation was 30 years in the making and has doubled year over year sales for the client!

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